‘In ‘Kind’ we follow a disturbing portrayal of how one woman’s search for love turns into her worst nightmare. This is a compelling story that deals with the insidious nature of domestic violence and the complex nature of abuse – serious topics that the author handles sensitively and honestly. I’m looking forward to Lily’s next book.’
– Megan Lockwood-Jones, Ebook Manager at Troubadour Publishing Ltd –

‘An absolute page-turner, Lllewellyn’s novel is gripping, sincere and terrifyingly veracious; not only the plot is engrossing, but also the characters are realistically depicted.’
– NetGalley Reviewer –

‘Amazing read! The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in.’
– NetGalley Reviewer –

‘This is a scarily convincing tale of domestic violence and coercive control . Beware the charming man with a sob story – he could be a controlling narcissist and if you have a child with him you cannot escape. I will be reading Lily Llewellyn’s follow up and hoping for a happy outcome.’
– Review from Troubador Website –

In The Best Interests Of The Child:

‘Absolutely fantastic book explaining and describing the implications and effects of physical, emotional and sexual abuse that can continue on from relationships, even after leaving through professionals and courts. How people (not just mums but dads also) can be controlled by using their children as pawns to exert more pain and suffering. The book describes how Iris and her daughter manage to get away from the ex partner/father abuse but actually 5 years later they are still under control by professionals and courts he has tried to command. He then applies to court to try and take away the daughter, get direct contact and completely pull apart the mother through telling lies to everyone – saying she is an alcoholic, druggie, irresponsible, making up about her daughters illnesses. The heartbreak, the worry, the long term effects for both mother and child unfolds. The story details the process of separated parent course, whereby parents are told bed wetting and distress is normal when contact occurs and they have to force their children into contact whether they want to or not. It explains what CAFCASS does, through a good worker and a bad worker, where they try and take over everything and always side with one parent. It explains the financial burden of fighting court with solicitors, barristers. Overall it shows the upset at every letter, email and even knock at the door. It really took over their whole lives and when the professionals say don’t let it… how can it not?! I really hope this is not a true story for the author but sadly know many that have gone through the same thing. A change is needed to put children first, not the abuser or the court judges or cafcass but to really listen to the children. Great book. Look forward to reading more. Will definitely recommend. Thank you Lily for writing this book.’
– NetGalley Reviewer –

‘It is difficult not to feel great empathy for Isla in this book. The endless to- and fro-ing of battling with the legal system. I would like to know if this is based on a true story as it would not surprise me if it was.
It wasn’t a happy read, as you can expect from the plot details. It did get repetitive in parts, but to be fair this reflects all of the legal hoops that had to be jumped through. It was at times hard to follow characters as there were many who would come and go, and it would change from referring to them by their forename or surname.’
– NetGalley Reviewer –